Dolce Ice Cream



Dolceca is the synonym for ice cream for almost all the ice cream consumers in Egypt, having a strong heritage and equity supported by authentic Egyptian flavors.
Dolceca is currently available in: Vanilla, chocolate/vanilla and eshta flavors.

Dolce Vita

In a society where family time is highly valued, Dolce Vita offers its consumers a family pack with a variety of flavors to meet all consumer taste profiles.
Being affordable, widely available and made of natural ingredients; Dolce Vita is Egypt’s most popular and trusted Family Ice Cream Pack.
Currently available in chocolate/vanilla and mango flavors.


Witch Ice Cream

One of Dolce’s most popular brands. Wich was the first ice cream sandwich in the Egyptian market and a memorable summer dessert choice to many consumers.
Witch is available in vanilla and chocolate/vanilla.



The Dolce kids sticks range, Dolstick offers the kids a variety of products ranging from vanilla to chocolate/vanilla flavored sticks.

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