NIDO gives your child the nutritional foundation for growth and development that shows. NIDO can help you nurture your child during each different stage of their growth by offering an extensive range …

NIDO fortified contains all necessary vitamins and minerals that support the signs of good health.
NIDO Essentia:
NIDO Essentia, contains the essential nutrition from dairy beverages plus iron for energy and vitality.
NIDO 1+:
NIDO 1+ is the only growing-up milk with Prebio 1 , Nestlé’s unique natural blend of fibers, that helps  maintain a healthy digestive system, which helps to protect your child from harmful bacteria that cause tummy upsets. 
NIDO 3+:
NIDO 3+ is a unique growing up milk with Prebio 3. Prebio 3 is Nestlé’s unique blend of natural fibers & nutrients that contribute to healthy growth and physical & mental development