Fathalla Events

Apr 3, 2011

As a tradition of enhancing customer relationship and to leverage on Nestle’s brand name in the market, this year the CCSD and sales team decided to take on a new customer to add to cooperate events; Fathalla. The newly opened Agamy outlet "Agamy Star", which is considered a a high traffic summer destination, has been our choice this summer to have Nestle Corporate Summer Event. From preparation to execution, the process has been smooth and the results have been very successful which have been reflected in the shopper participation level and the sales achievement. Innovation was the name of the game in this event as we added an extra twist to enhance the shopper experience, the Wheel of Fortune!

The Wheel of Fortune added an unprecedented Buzz and created an infectious fun vibe among shoppers. The mechanism was to buy 50LE worth of Nestle products and shoppers would get to spin the wheel to win prizes. Prizes varied from Nestle bags worth approximately 11LE of Nestle products to electric appliances and household products. The brands participating in the event included Nescafe, Nido, Maggi, Cerelac, Nesquik, Nestle Breakfast Cereals, KitKat and Nestle Ice-Cream.