Nestlé and El Mehwar Channel

Jul 26, 2008
Nestlé and El Mehwar Channel
join forces in order to
Be At Your Best
Cairo, Sunday July 27th 2008

With the aim of elevating the level of Egyptians health in mind; Nestlé along with the 90 minutes program of El Mehwar Channel, has agreed to inject "Be At Your Best" segment as part of the famous program.

The program will host a group of top notch specialized Doctors and nutrition experts who will deliver their experience to 90 minutes viewers and also answer their questions.

90 minutes program is known for its ability to focus on what really interests the viewers in all aspects of life. Aspects like those concerning nutrition, health, mother and child care. Through which Nestlé aims to increase the viewers' awareness about the importance of maintaining balanced levels of nutrition in order to enhance health in general.

"We're proud of the cooperation between our company & El Mehwar Channel; the most viewed not only in Egypt, but also in the entire Arab world", said Mr. Andre Porchet; Chairman of Nestlé Egypt SAE "On the other hand, the 90 minutes program is one of the most important programs in the region that handles issues concerning the everyday problems facing the Egyptian society".

"Through its "Be At Your Best" segment", he added "Nestlé strives to spread the needed awareness among the Egyptian community. The company philosophy is that when a person is healthy, he'll consequently enjoy a healthy life. That's why the program is hosting all that selection of experts sharing their invaluable experiences and answering viewers' questions through covering interesting health issues".

As a consequence, the first episode of the program was first released last Monday. For the sake of its success, the segment will be aired every Tuesday on a regular basis.If you wish to participate, dial 16180 ore-mail

The "Be At Your Best" segment, is considered one of the most successful concepts that Nestlé has launched since last year. It aims at creating Egyptian awareness towards the importance of maintaining a balanced healthy diet and make health reach its best at all levels at all times.

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