Nestlé's 'Khamsa Le Sehetek' is On Again!

Dec 14, 2018

In line with our commitment to always Create Shared Value, we are starting a new phase of our program for women, Nestlé Khamsa Le Sehetek. In line with our CSV strategy, we’re strengthening our partnership with our existing stakeholder, Khair we Baraka NGO, after their stellar work with us in our Food for Cleanliness Environmental program.

We’re on course to benefit yet another 1400 women, by delivering nutritional awareness and cooking sessions. To this end, we’ve completed our training of trainers (TOT) for Khair we Baraka’s handpicked trainers, who all boast solid presentation skills, a background in nutrition and caregiving, and a deep commitment to their community in ‘Ezbet Khairallah.


Our Nutritional Experts, Dr. Ahmed Tawfik and Dr. Sherine El Shimi, delivered a three-hour long in depth nutritional session, in addition to composing and delivering a pre- and post- session evaluation questionnaire. Also, our culinary expert, Chef Vivian Younan, delivered a four hour-long cooking session, including tips, how to hygienically prepare food, and the common unhealthy misconceptions when it comes to cooking.



Also, the women trainers at both sessions were very engaged, asking questions, going above and beyond the program’s substance for more detail, and participating in the cooking classes. The trainers had a lot of feedback regarding the program, including:

  • “the fact that Nestlé implements this program to communities in need is admirable”
  • “both sessions complement and serve one another – we learn about proper nutrition and its benefits in one, and we practice it in another”
  • “Nestlé’s approach is new and engaging, and promises to resonate with Khamsa Le Sehetek’s participants”



We’ll keep updating you with our progress in Nestlé Khamsa Le Sehetek. We can’t wait to begin implementing our program, and we hope that you are too!


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