Nestlé’s Mouled

Mar 13, 2014

Nestlé’s Mouled Draws a Smile on the Emerging Egyptian Consumers Faces

Cairo, Egypt – 24 January 2014: Nestlé reaches out to the Emerging consumers in Egypt through a fun filled traditional Egyptian Mouled Carnival. Nestlé’s Mouled consolidates all the roadshow activities of Nestlé brands in one location, the Mouled has commenced its 2014 festivities in Aswan with plans to cover Egypt from south to north and again from north to south reaching 23 governorates by year end.


The main focus of the Mouled is to engage and interact with the Emerging consumers. During the day for a whole week, Nestlé branded trucks roam around the main streets of the city, the trucks interactively engage with consumers through games, giveaways, sampling Nestlé’s products, nutrition Tips and distributing the Mouled event free tickets. On the last day in the governorate, an authentic “Mouled” celebration takes place offering the families all the above activities, fun and Folklore.

"As the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company, Nestlé has a responsibility to provide consumers with high-quality, nutritious products, regardless of where we sell them and the price point at which we sell them. Therefore, we have developed a specific business model called “Popularly Positioned Products” (PPPs) which focuses on the specific needs of around 3 billion Emerging consumers worldwide. PPPs offer these consumers the opportunity to consume high-quality food products that provide nutritional value at an affordable cost and appropriate format. PPPs are defined as one of Nestlé’s main growth drivers for the years to come." commented Nestlé NEAR CEO Mr. Suresh Narayanan.

This year, and as part of Nestlé’s corporate wellness plan, Nestlé are also offering personal lifestyle assessment and nutrition counseling to our consumers by providing each truck with a nutritionist that interacts with consumers on daily basis giving them some tips about their health, diet and nutrition. Additionally during the Mouled Carnival, a dedicated section is placed to provide attendees with any required counseling.


“In 2013, results have been impressive with more than 2.6 million samples being distributed across participating brands, 200,000 consumers interacted with our trucks, and 115,000 Egyptians celebrated and enjoyed the Mouled events.  Not only was the positive effect witnessed through the significant participation of the consumer but also on the business front. The interaction & support of all the retailers where the activation has been carried were remarkable across all brands. With impressive results, El Mouled has proven to be one of the most efficient consumer activations. ” concluded Mr. Narayanan.

Nestlé Mouled, is not only a simple activation, it’s a true Egyptian family experience that Nestlé has committed to keep and build on for years to come.

About Nestlé:

Nestlé Egypt is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nestlé S.A. in Switzerland, the largest food and wellness company worldwide.

Nestlé started its activities in Africa by the end of the nineteenth century and has deep-rooted its industrial presence in 1927 by opening its first plants in South Africa. The company today operates 24 factories in the African Continent and provides nearly 29,000 direct employment opportunities and more than 50,000 indirect jobs. Its products are sold in all 54 African countries. Nestlé products have been present in the North East African markets since over a century.