Tell us if you have any concerns

The Nestlé Corporate Business Principles reflect our commitment to a strong compliance culture as a non-negotiable foundation of how we do business. 

More than words on paper, our principles are actionable and we are prepared to do what is necessary to ensure that our Company is managed in line with our commitment. You can help us achieve this goal. Our Compliance Reporting System, "Tell us", provides you and all other external stakeholders with a dedicated communication channel for reporting potential instances of non-compliance with our Corporate Business Principles.

IMPORTANT: Please note that product or service related concerns should be reported through our contact us form or by calling our consumer services team

How to report a concern?

‘Tell us’, our Compliance Reporting System, is available any time (24/7, 365 days a year). 

1. You can choose to use a web form or call a toll-free phone number and leave a message. 
The handling procedure for both options is the same.

2. In both cases, you willreceive an individual case number. Please note the number down and keepit safe.

3. This case number is yourpersonal key to the Compliance Reporting System and to the report you havefiled. It allows you to track the progress of your case and to provideadditional information. You will be asked to enter this number each time youaccess the system.

4. We take all concernsseriously and will take the appropriate action on each report. We will keep youinformed on our progress whilst processing your concern.

5. At any time you can goback into the website, and track theprogress of your case using your case number.

6. We are committed to improving our Compliance Reporting System and reserve the right to make changes in the future.