1900-1925 – The Belle Époque

The year 1911 marked the founding of Nestlé’s first sales agency on Cherif Pacha St. in Alexandria, followed by another office in 1914 on Gameaa Sharkass St. in Cairo. With the onslaught of World War I taking its toll on the European economy, many European businesses spread out to countries like Egypt to stay afloat and government contracts kept many companies in business. Nestlé's condensed milk was indispensable among the soldiers of the allied forces stationed in Egypt, unaccustomed to the country’s scorching sun. 

By 1918, representatives of Nestlé & the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company were listed as Petersen & Co on 7 Adeeb St. in Alexandria, Rich & Co on 18 Nubar Pacha St. in Cairo, and eventually the opening of a sales agency in Port Said in 1920 selling the products of Nestle – Kohler – Cailler and Peter .