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​Baby food

   CERELAC has been in Egypt for more than 75 years.
Infant cereals are the ideal foundation of a weaning diet. Cereals form one of the major food groups and are recognized for their important role in providing energy and nutrition to active, growing infants.

Tastier And Healthier

Goodness of Infant Cereals

CERELAC fortified infant cereals provide babies the powerful nutrition they need for healthy growth and development.  
Every serving of Nestlé Infant Cereals delivers added vitamins and minerals and provides babies with the right nutrient to energy balance.

Based on wholesome grains, Nestlé fortified Infant Cereals contribute significantly to the key nutrient needs of the babies.            

And So Much More


Supporting natural defences

NESTLÉ CERELAC is the first* infant cereal that combines Bifidus BL and immunonutrients to help support your baby’s natural defences day by day. Bifidus BL is a friendly probiotic that has been shown to help

support your baby’s digestive system. Along with immunonutrients such as iron and vitamin C, it helps support your baby’s developing immune system too.