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Summer Internship Program

You will have the chance to grow in every sense of the word: professionally, personally and intellectually.

More about the internship

Our summer internship program offers you the chance to get hands-on experience in the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. It will introduce you to a potential future work environment and allow you to test your interest in a particular career path before officially starting your career.

Why take on our challenge?

The internship program will give you every opportunity to develop yourself through working on real projects that impact our business and utilize the analytical and business knowledge you have acquired in University.


The program takes place from July to August. During this period, you’ll be assigned a relevant project with a set of objectives, which you’ll work on with the mentorship of your allocated manager.

Possible Opportunities

The program is offered in a range of departments which include Sales, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Medical and HR. You will join the company in our head office in New Cairo or in one of the factories in the 6th of October city.

“How do I know I fit the role?”

Here are some of the requirements we are looking for:
  • Current students who are in their final 2 Years towards earning a Bachelor’s Degree ( i.e. going to years 3 & 4 in a 4 Year Bachelor Degree and years 4 & 5 in a 5 Year Bachelor Degree)
  • Strong analytical, interpersonal and communication skills
  • Strong record of extra curricular activities
  • Demonstrated exceptional learning abilities
  • Strong interest in a career in the chosen opportunity field

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