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Dolce School

School History:
In 1993 Dolce Co. (acquired later by Nestlé Egypt) donated a land and built a High School in Baraguil City after a major earthquake end of 1992.
•  The plan was to build the school on two floors.
• Due to financial constraints only one floor was built with  some basic service facilities.
• The first stage consisted of a basement and 11 classes.
In 1993:







School Upgrading:
• After acquisition by Nestlé Egypt, Management decided to complete the school buildings and increase its facilities to serve up to 500 students.
• Construction started in April 2002 under the supervision of the Ministry of Education.
In 2002:





After renovation:
The school upgrade included:
•Double the number of classroom.
•Build new restrooms.
•Chemistry and physics lab.
•Cooking and nutrition lab.
•Computer room
In 2003:



School Inauguration:
•The “School Inauguration” was attended by the Minister of  Education & the Governor of Giza, who commended Nestle role in serving the Community as the only Company sponsoring a school in Cairo.
• The celebration was attended by the press and media representatives.   

In 2003:



The School Today:
In 2005 Management approved some additional projects to support the school activities and the students’ wellness:

  1. Upgrade the Computer Lab. and add 10 PCs.
  2. Provide the students with school bags, notebooks and pens etc…
  3. Offer Nestle products to the students.
  4. Sponsor the sports activities.
  5. An agreement has been made between Nestlé Egypt and the non-profit Organization “Save the Children “, to train our volunteer staff on teaching the students extra classes aiming at increasing their skills, knowledge and capacities.
  6.  Scholarship at university and other projects are on the way.

In 2005:





In 2006:
Many summer activities held to the school  students:
•Cooking classes.
•Nutrition &Wellness sessions.
•English and French classes. 


Ceramic and glass paintings classes Renovation made in the school buildings; Labs, bathrooms play grounds and garden.