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Nestlé Khamsa Le Sehetek

Our Perspective

Nestlé Khamsa Le Sehetek is our initiative, launched in 2013, to tackle the existing health issues by sharing our extensive knowledge and position as a leader in Nutrition, Health and Wellness. We aim to raise nutritional awareness, introduce better eating habits and more active lifestyles among 20 to 45 year-old women  to help combat against malnutrition including obesity, anemia & osteoporosis.


Community needs: Malnutrition issues are on the rise

  • Egypt is considered to be the no. 1 obese country in Africa, and no.14 worldwide
  • 76% of women over 15 years old are overweight
  • 28% have osteoporosis
  • 30% have anemia
The WHO highlighted that the growing percentages are due to several reasons including growing consumption of fast food, sedentary lifestyles and poor & unhealthy eating habits 

Program Details

The program is delivered through five topics, in two sessions (nutrition session and cooking session):
  • Eat Well
  • Perform Well
  • Look Good
  • Feel Good
  • Cook Well

We have been successful so far in reaching nearly 11,000 women in 3 governorates in Upper Egypt and Old Cairo, through 265 nutrition education and cooking sessions.


Evidence-based impact

Results of the Knowledge Acquisition

For a sample of over 1500 women participants, pre- and post-session questionnaires were distributed testing their knowledge of the topics delivered in the program. We are proud to note a 68% increase in their knowledge acquisition, which validates our and our partners’ efforts, and drives us to expand Nestle Khamsa Le Sehetek even further.

The women were happy with the practicality of the information presented, saying that they could implement it in their daily lives.

  • Their knowledge of anemia and calcium deficiency was greatly increased, in addition to how to prevent obesity.

  • They were very happy with the booklet itself, in terms of design and content.

  • Finally, their cooking skills improved – in terms of recipes and food preparation techniques - from participating in the practical session.

Quotes from Participants

I like that the program’s recipes incorporated affordable and available ingredients for the women of Upper Egypt
Women trainers feel empowered to disseminate information crucial to the health of their communities
Better nutrition results result in healthier, happier, & more physically active children and families

Expansion through partnerships and collaborations

We are fortunate to have committed partners with substantial experience in women’s issues and especially in a region that has been regrettably neglected for too long: Upper Egypt. In terms of creating and accrediting the content, we worked with Ain Shams University.

For implementing the program, and delivering it, we worked with the International Population Council and the Association for the Education & Development of Upper Egypt. We’ve also recently worked with the Peace and Plenty Association NGO in Old Cairo.







Nestlé Khamsa Le Sehetek Video