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Project WET

About The Program

Water Education for Teachers (WET) is an independent non-governmental foundation that was established in 1984.

The objective of project WET foundation is to reach out to children, parents educators and communities of the world with water education. WET teaching expertise is based on its capacity to transform often complex concepts about water into easy to understand, fun learning for children. Project WET spread important messages about water resources, water management and protection.

Program Details

The program included a full day workshop for teachers from Kafr El Arbeine schools as well as Nestle Waters factory orientation for the Kafr El Arbeine students, where they were briefed about the WET project and played some WET games.

It is noteworthy that a pre and post sessions’ evaluation was conducted to measure the level of information retention that indicated positive results. Moreover, certificates of attendance and session completion were awarded to the teachers and giveaways were distributed to both the teachers and the students.

Overall Statistics

This initiative was executed in two waves:

First Wave

  • Launched on the 26th of January 2012 with the partnership of the Ministry of Education.
  • Results:
    aising awareness on water conservation to 310 teachers in 60 schools and 4 governorates.
  • Nestle has succeeded in giving a total of 11 sessions with 80% improvement in knowledge gained.

Second Wave

  • Launched from the 5th of November 2012 and was concluded on the 14th of January 2013 at the Nestle Waters factory.
  • Benefiting 100 teachers from two nearby schools situated next to the Nestle Waters factory in Kafr El Arbeine

To This Date

In Egypt, Nestle Waters runs Project WET activities where it works to educate children on the importance of water, the need to protect it, and the importance of hydration - as well as commemorating Word Water Day every year through various activities. Since 2012, the program so far reached over 40,700 students and 5,700 teachers in 219 schools in Egypt, and is expecting to reach many more throughout the upcoming years.


In acknowledgment of the WET program’s accomplishments and success, Nestle Waters received a letter of recognition from the Ministry of Education for having reached the teachers in the two schools around the factory, the students, and their families