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What is Creating Shared Value?

Being a global leader brings not only a duty to operate responsibly, but also an opportunity to create long-term positive value for society. We call this Creating Shared Value, and we embed it firmly across all parts of our business.


Creating Shared Value is a basic principle in business strategy and fundamental to our overall success as a company. By Creating Shared Value, we mean that in order to create long-term business success, we have to create value for our shareholders and value for society at the same time. 

As a socially responsible actor in Egypt, Nestlé has different initiatives that target nutrition, water, and community development.

Our Vision

To become the recognized leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness consumer driven company in the North Eastern African Region.


To increase Nestlé’s favorability, by continuing to:

  1. Drive Nestlé’s Expertise and Leadership in nutrition
  2. Improve Nestlé’s perception as a key player in Creating Shared Value 

The Strategy

The CSV strategy is a company and community needs-based strategy;

Focusing on Nutrition, Water, and Community Development in our CSV program, Building & sustaining strong partnerships, Building employee engagement,& Driving Leadership in CSV.