Educating the young Egyptians towards a healthier and more nutritious living--Nestle Egypt targets 80000 school children in Phase II of “Nestle Healthy Kids”program

Latest Press ReleasesJul 13, 2011

Creating Shared Value is at the core of Nestlé’s corporate social philosophy of benefiting both community & the organization in each of its initiatives around community engagements. As part of this, Nestlé Egypt held a large event at the Cairo Opera House on 13 July 2011 to celebrate the achievements of Nestlé “Healthy Kids” program and to inaugurate Phase II of the program. The celebration was attended by Mr. Dominique Furgler the Swiss Ambassador in Cairo and Mr. Ibrahim Shebokshy, Under Secretary & Head of Central Management of Basic Education Deputy for the Minister Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Din and General Ahmed Hany, Secretary General Assistant of Giza Governor Deputy Governor Dr. Ali Abdel-Rahman. Also, school principals, teachers, parents and the senior management of Nestlé “Nestlé Healthy Kids” program aims at raising the awareness of primary school students towards healthy nutrition as a solid foundation for healthy growth and development of future generations. The program particularly focuses on building sound nutrition habits amongst youngsters and emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet to help protect against widespread diseases including anemia, obesity and low immunity resulting from poor nutritional habits. “This initiative is in line with the government’s strategy to enhance the level of nutrition awareness among Egyptian children nationwide & to protect their health”, said Mr. Ibrahim Shabokshy, Under Secretary & Head of Central Management of Basic Education commenting on the initiative and expressing his most sincere happiness to co-operate with Nestlé. “Moreover, the private sector has demonstrated to the community its clear commitment to contribute positively to the enhancement of the Egyptian society through the nurturing of healthy children. The “Nestle Healthy Kids” initiative also reflects the significant level of interest that Nestlé holds for the Egyptian market within its regional business context”, he explained. “Joint efforts between the
Government and the private sector would achieve sustainable development, which would undeniably reflect on all facets of life”, he added. “We consider ourselves an inseparable part of any community we work in”, said Mr. Suresh Narayanan, Nestlé Egypt Chairman and CEO. “We are always among the first to participate in community awareness programs and initiatives focusing on nutrition and public health by allocating significant focus and resources reflecting our strong commitment to our role in driving the community towards what is better”, he added. Worth mentioning, Phase I of this initiative benefited almost 25,000 primary school students in 50 primary model and experimental schools across several governorates in Egypt including Cairo, Giza and 6th  of October. Building on such significant success, it has been decided to launch Phase II of “Nestlé Healthy Kids” program to be implemented during the academic year 2011 – 2012. This phase will cover 100 schools in 7
Egyptian governorates namely Cairo, Alexandria, 6th of October, Suez, Dakahleya, Kalioubeya and Sharkeya with the aim of reaching out to 60,000 – 80,000 students. 
About “Nestle Healthy Kids” Program
 “Nestlé Healthy Kids” Program encourages children to acquire positive nutrition habits with the intention of ensuring healthy growth & assisting in the protection against diseases. Examples of such positive habits include drinking 8 glasses of water daily as well as eating fruit & vegetables regularly, and many others. “Nestlé Healthy Kids” Program is in line with the Ministry of Education objectives and strategies particularly its national plan to focus on children nutrition in Egypt, based on healthy food & hygiene habits. Accordingly, Nestlé’s “Healthy Kids” initiative benefits from the sponsorship & endorsement of the Ministry of Education and is implemented in cooperation with  Nestlé Egypt. The Ministry of Education is collaborating with Nestlé Egypt to implement this 5-year program in order to reach out to half a million beneficiary children by 2015. Phase I had already started in December 2010 and continued despite the earlier events in 2011. This could not have been achieved without the passion, commitment & support provided by the program supervisors, school headmasters and teachers, Our Health NGO and all those who contributed to the success of this program. At a time when Egypt is dedicating all community development for building a better future, the Ministry of Education together with Nestlé “Healthy Kids” program aim to build a future generation of healthy Egyptians.
 About Nestlé Egypt: 
Nestle Companies in Egypt (Nestle Egypt and Nestle Water) are wholly owned by Nestle S.A. in Switzerland, the largest food and wellness company worldwide with sales up to US$ 105 billion in 2010.Nestle started its activities in Africa by the end of the nineteenth century and has deep-rooted its industrial presence in 1927 by opening its first plants in South Africa. The company today operates 24 factories in the African Continent and provides nearly 29,000 direct employment opportunities and more than 50,000 indirect jobs. Its products are sold in all 53 African countries. Nestle products have been present in the North East African markets since the beginning of the thirties of last century and started its operations in Egypt in 1988. Through the company’s headquarters in Cairo, Egypt has become Nestle’s hub for the North East Africa region including three countries: Egypt, Libya and the Sudan. For more information please contact:   Consumer Services hot line: 16180 Email: