Nestle Waters Egypt Presents “Baraka” Water With New Taste and New Specifications Of Total Annual Investments of EGP 80 Million

Latest Press ReleasesJun 6, 2011

Nestle Waters Egypt, owner of  Nestle Pure Life and Baraka Water brands held a press conference on Monday, June 6th 2011 at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza Hotel to announce the “new Baraka Water taste and specifications”. The conference was attended by Mr. Zeid Bitar, Nestle Waters Egypt Chairman and a number of the Company senior officials, Dr. Sherifa Abul Fotouh, Nutrition Expert as well as major media figures.
Keen to provide the highest quality and best products to its customers, Nestle Company continues today its march with increased momentum to provide all consumers Baraka waters with a taste rich with vitality,  and giving a feeling of purity. Baraka waters comes from a natural spring anchored in deep strata reaching 175 meters under the ground surface, 60 Km North East Cairo, Such rocky strata and formations protect the water from pollution and preserve its unique features and natural benefits.

“We are proud to celebrate today together Baraka Water re-launch in its new enjoyable taste rich in basic elements needed by the body for vitality and energy all day long” said Mr. Zeid Bitar, Chairman of Nestle Waters Egypt, “Baraka Water, with Nestle International guarantee, is not only bottled healthy water, but it represents a new step towards a bright future for the Egyptian family. The Company has put large investments into research that would identify consumers’ needs in order to improve its products for their satisfaction”, he added.

He also added that Nestle Company is a leader in this area worldwide having its own quality standards that are integrated in turn with regulatory standards. Besides ensuring high and consistent quality level, we fulfill another commitment to provide consumers with water of diverse features. The role of the Nestle water company, that annually invests 80 Million EGP, and employs around 840 workers, is to bottle water from its natural source and preserve its natural qualities under strict control over all stages of production in order to ensure the preservation of water quality and natural

He also pointed out that Baraka water has gained its popularity and consumer confidence over the past years as being the first naturally bottled and healthy water in Egypt. Thus, Egyptian Baraka water enjoys smooth taste rich in basic elements for ensuring health and vitality of all family members. Hence, Baraka water has become the Egyptian mother’s choice for protecting the health of her family and supply them with energy and vitality all day long and every day. This is Nestle International quality guarantee.

“Water is considered indispensible for all body functions as it is used by digestion, absorption and food transport processes, driving poisons outside the body, helping regulate body temperature, and is
necessary for building all body tissues, in addition to being the principal element in blood formation” said Dr. Sherifa Abul Fotouh, Nutrition Expert. “As we grow older, fluids in our bodies diminish. Water represents 75% - 80% of an infant’s body compared to 50% after the age of 65. Such dehydration is reflected in skin wrinkles and joints stiffness that appears naturally with old age.
Baraka Water includes the minerals required by the body which are lost through transpiration in hot areas. Thus, it is a natural source of energy” she added.

About Nestle Waters Egypt:
Baraka Water natural spring was owned by an Egyptian family who invited the French Vittel Company to support their businesses in 1979.

Vittel geologists team started research and study in 1980. They verified the purity and clarity
of the spring. A year later, the factory was established, and actual production started in March 1982 making Baraka Water the first natural bottled water brand in Egypt. The company was then founded under the name “Vitor”.

In 1993, Pirrier Vittel Company acquired most of the company shares. Within years, the Company developed its products to fit market trends and customers and consumers’ needs, to be consistent in providing high quality products through manufacturing performance quality.

In 2002, the company launched Nestle Pure Life brand with Nestle Company international quality standards to lead a new concept of bottled water in Egypt “Fill your life with Purity”. This was the first time to introduce safety caps in the Egyptian market.

In 2003, Nestle Pure Life launched the door-to-door domestic and corporate delivery service in the market, providing consumers with bigger containers, with high quality in the provision of key services at their doorstep.

In 2006, the Company name was changed from “Vitor” to “Nesle Water Egypt”. During the same year, the Company introduced the sports bottle under the slogan “TAKE ME WITH YOU”, leading the market in introducing a user-friendly sportive cap.During the last four years, practical steps were
taken for revitalizing and developing Baraka trade mark with the objective of maintain its market position as the leading local product in the Egyptian market.

The year 2007 witnessed the first re-launch of the Braka brand in its new form, changing the bottle from a square to a cylindrical shape to be handy and comply with the market trend. Product quality was enhanced with a new identity reflecting purity and refreshment. 

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