Nestlé Egypt cooperates with The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free initiative and 57357

Latest Press ReleasesJun 21, 2017

Nestlé has always shown a clear passion for nutrition and health by bringing “Good Food for Good Life” to millions of their consumers around the world; from infants to adults, a generation to another. Nestlé Egypt’s latest campaign “Prevention Is the Core of the Story” basically proves just how much they live up to their commitment when it comes to enhancing the quality of life, and contributing to a healthier future.

Nestlé Egypt is cooperating with The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free initiative (AFNCI) and 57357 Hospital to spread awareness about the importance of proper nutrition, which will hopefully result in ending unhealthy habits.

The CEO of Nestle Egypt and East North Africa region, Yasser Abd ElMalek, stated that their adoption of the “Prevention Is the Core of the Story” campaign comes as proof of Nestle’s commitment to giving back to the community; guaranteeing a better life and a healthier future for Egyptian families.

He also added that “Nestle is committed to raising awareness on a healthier lifestyle through taking successful initiatives that focus on our children”.

Moreover, Nestle’s superheroes (AKA employees), helped the kids in 57357 decorate the hospital during the holy month and participate fun activities. This isn’t the first time Nestle makes us feel inspired. Back in 2010, they launched a campaign that influenced the lives of 580,000 students in 1025 schools, in 12 different governorates. In doing so, they encouraged them to have a healthier lifestyle. Mr. Abd El Malek stated that the initiative raised the awareness for about 77% of these students.

In a similar manner, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stated that 40% of Egyptians suffer from obesity and overweight, especially between women and children. That’s where Nestle is doing a real impact; helping those troubling figures to go down.