Nestlé Celebrates the Graduation of the first batch of Doctors who completed the Post Graduate Paediatric Nutrition Program

Latest Press ReleasesApr 1, 2017


Nestlé Celebrates the Graduation of the first batch of Doctors who completed the Post Graduate Paediatric Nutrition Program developed by Boston University and MedInscribe


4,500 healthcare professionals from 63 countries have joined the program, where 55 of said healthcare professionals are Egyptian

Proper nutrition in the first 1000 days has been recognized globally to have a profound impact on the child’s ability to grow, learn and thrive and has a lasting impact on long term health. This is a rapidly evolving area where new scientific advances are occurring at a rapid pace.


In order to help keep healthcare professionals up-to-date on the evolving science, Nestlé has provided funding to develop a dedicated global program entitled “Post Graduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition (PGPN)”. The program has been developed by MedInscribe and BUSM, a leader in medical education and research, with MedInscribe providing logistical support.


The program offers a unique opportunity to strengthen healthcare professionals’ knowledge and practice in pediatric nutrition by familiarizing them with evidence-based guidelines and recommendations through a series of online learning modules, delivered in various formats including text, video and audio. The final stage of education was presented in the graduation ceremony organized by Nestlé Egypt during the past weeks with the attendance of one of the Professors in Pediatric Nutrition from Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM).


Since the launch of the program in March 2016, close to 4500 healthcare professionals from 63 countries have joined the program. The majority of applications have been submitted from Africa, Asia and the Middle East where typically the burden of nutritional challenges in children is higher and access to education about nutrition is limited.


“Today, science shows us that getting the right nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life can have a profound impact on life-long health. Our long standing commitment to support nutrition education has been further strengthened with the development of this program and is a step forward in realizing our vision of Together Nurturing a Healthier Generation” commented Heiko Schipper, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé Nutrition.


BUSM Statement


BUSM is proud to participate in this far reaching educational initiative and to help improve the state of nutritional care for pediatric patients on a global scale.

Given the rapidly changing field of nutrition and the unique requirements of a pediatric patient population, healthcare professionals are hard pressed to keep pace with all current developments. Dr. Carine Lenders, Director of Boston Medical Center’s Division of Pediatric Nutrition and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at BUSM, fulfills the role of PGPN’s course director. Dr. Lenders, and her multi-disciplinary team, provide all content oversight to ensure that the most up-to-date information and best practices are included.