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Official Launch of Nestlé NEAR's 'United For Healthier Kids' Initiative

A Collaborative initiative between the government and the private sector<br />

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Cairo, Egypt,
Sun, 04/03/2016 - 19:00

Nestlé Egypt unites with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the National Research Centre, Sanofi Egypt, and ABB to help parents raise healthier generations of kids.

Cairo, April 2016: Within the framework of the continuous efforts of Nestlé Egypt, the Nutrition, Health & Wellness company has launched and signed a protocol of cooperation for the "United for Healthier Kids" initiative through a high-profile celebration at the presence of Her Excellency Minister of Social Solidarity; Dr. Ghada Waly, and Mr. Yasser Abdel Malik; CEO and Chairman of Nestlé Egypt, in cooperation with the National Research Centre along with the participation of the private sector represented by Sanofi,and  ABB. 

The problem of child malnutrition in Egypt, which caused an increase in obesity, anemia, short adult stature, diabetes and vitamin deficiencies rates, is a major public concern. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), worldwide obesity has doubled since 1980, which may lead to 42 million children being obese by 2021. If the current global trends continue, the number of overweight or obese children globally could  increase to 70 million in 2025.
In response to this growing obesity rates, great efforts untied to contribute towards healthier children. Hence, United for Healthier Kids was established for the sole purpose of helping parents to establish healthier eating, drinking and lifestyle habits from conception to 12 years, through game-changing education and fun ideas to inspire action and influence behaviour. 

Nestlé Egypt called on concerned authorities and private sector organisations, which have a similar vision in line with the general directions for the government to increase attention on the importance of improving nutrition habits so as to impact positively children’s life. It is with this insight that United for Healthier Kids joined with the concerned parties to promote Feed Your Baby Like A Baby; MORE Managed Portions; MORE Fruits & Vegetables; MORE Movement; MORE Water, all scientifically proven to positively impact the quality of life.  

Dr. Ghada Waly joining the U4HK pledge towards a healthier future.

Dr. Ghada Waly, the Minister of Social Solidarity states "the health of future generations and increasing the awareness of parents must be a priority and an imperative duty for all of us. The ministry's support to "United for Healthier Kids" initiative comes among many other initiatives that the Ministry of Social Solidarity is interested to provide the database and training of social specialists in NGO's to perform its role in implementing different activities to change the society's behavior, in accordance with the Guidelines of "United for Healthier Kids" initiative for mothers and children. The Ministry also emphasizes its support for any initiative in favor of the needs of future generation and in favor of a healthy society".

Mr. Yasser Abdel Malek; Chairman of Nestlé Egypt comments "Nestlé Egypt believes in its role in meeting the needs of the Egyptian community and their development whereby we are committed to endorsing healthier diets and lifestyles, with special focus on children through the launching of an ongoing and successful initiative. And as the world’s leading Nutrition, Health and Wellness, we took the initiative to unite the public and private efforts to implement this program, leveraging Nestlé’s reach, expertise, knowledge and determination to tackle the obesity challenge and have a positive impact on the health of future generations to reach 75,000 students from 100 schools in 2 governorates."
Mr. Abdel Malek adds that Nestlé Egypt through this initiative seeks to reach all Egyptians targeting young mothers (aged from 20 to 40 years), from all social and economic classes. This initiative will last for three consecutive years under the government's support. 

Mr. Yasser Abdulmalak signing the protocol during the conference

Dr. Ashraf Shaalan, President of the National Research Centre points out that "The Centre is working hard to provide all the statistics and information needed to the state institutions, thus contributing to identify problems, finding out the causes and ways to solve it. We will provide training for representatives of non-governmental organizations, to ensure the existence of a strong nutrition database, development of a scientific methodology, followed by evaluative research. This is to ensure the correctness of the methodology and effectiveness of the strategy. And we are happy that we are part of a collective action aimed at improving the lifestyle of our children".

Mr. Alexis Moyrand; Managing Director of Sanofi Egypt also stated that “One of the most important health challenges for the future of our country is children’s Health. Health is a state of physical, psychological and social integration, and not just the absence of disease. 
Therefore Sanofi, as leader in healthcare, has been continuously seeking to improve children access to affordable quality healthcare in our community, fostering healthy behaviours for children and their parents. Ensuring a healthy growth for our children will enable us to build a better future. 
“Healthy children, Happy Children”                

Eng. Medhat Fayek, Senior Vice President, ABB Egypt Service & Business Development, stated that: "raising children from their early childhood on proper nutrition habits and attention to physical fitness is the base for the creation of a healthy generation capable of production and innovation. Under the responsibility of ABB towards the community in which it is operating, we have the honor to join the initiative of “United for Healthier Kids”, which is aiming at boosting the health of children in Egypt. "
All the partners are keen to exert their efforts and unite together to launch this initiative, believing that through education and game-changing tools and solutions, we can raise awareness and influence behaviour – helping kids to adopt healthier habits.

About Nestlé Egypt:

Nestlé Egypt is owned by Nestlé S.A in Switzerland. It is the largest Nutrition, Health and Wellness company worldwide. It started operation in Africa at the end of the 19th in 1927 with the opening its first factory in South Africa. Today, Nestlé operates 27 factories in Africa providing direct employment to more than 16,000 employees. In the Arab World; North Africa and the Middle East, it operates 10 factories with total employment of 11,000. In Egypt, it operates 3 factories.

About United for Healthier Kids:

United for Healthier Kids (U4HK) is a pioneering, comprehensive and science-based program developed by Nestlé and built on partnerships among various entities with the aim of nurturing healthier generations. In Egypt, United for Healthier Kids is launched in partnership with the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Sanofi, ABB and MBC Al Amal to help parents establish healthier eating, drinking and lifestyle habits from conception to 12 years. 

Through nutritional science and a deep understanding of the region’s parents and kids, Nestlé identified five behaviors that need to be brought into the everyday routines of children to ensure a healthier lifestyle: FEED your baby like a baby, Managed Portions, MORE Fruits & Vegetables, MORE Water,  and MORE Movement. 

You can join the movement on:

The official website: 

Social media: 

More on United for Healthier Kids focus areas: 

Feed Your Baby Like a Baby: Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months and more More Movement: Being active is not only important for health, but for children to develop their motor skills, decision-making, attention and teamwork abilities. Regular physical activity is part of a healthy lifestyle where any amount and any type of exercise are better than none. More Water: Water is best for calorie-free hydration and controlling the body’s temperature – and is especially important for children who are physically active or live in hot climates. Parents should encourage children to drink adequate amounts of water. More Fruits & Vegetables: Children should be encouraged to have a varied, nutrient-rich diet based on the different food groups. The United for Healthier Kids program emphasizes variety such as offering vegetables and fruits as snacks, in side dishes and incorporated into main meals. More Managed Portions: Helping children select the right amount of food, in the correct proportions, in stills healthier eating habits. United for Healthier Kids communicates age-appropriate portions to parents.

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