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Nestlé Infant Nutrition launches "We're All Beside You" campaign in celebration of World Breastfeeding Week

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Wed, 08/23/2017 - 07:00


Nestlé Egypt has launched a campaign named "Start Healthy Stay Healthy" to educate mothers about the importance of breastfeeding and healthy nutrition in the first 1000 days of the child's life, starting from pregnancy and continuing until the end of the second year of the child's life, an important period during which the child's health indicators are determined.


Nestlé Egypt announced the establishment of a website that provides the mother with the knowledge, information and advice that will help her feed her child healthy food.


As part of the campaign, we are opening two breastfeeding units in Assiut General Hospital and Mansoura General Hospital to provide all the tools and environment suitable for new mothers to become accustomed to breastfeeding.


The campaign also includes awareness training for nurses concerned with mother and newborn care in cooperation with the Faculty of Nursing at Alexandria University, Assiut General Hospital, Mansoura General Hospital, Rufaida Center in Giza Governorate and a number of private hospitals in Cairo. The number of trainee nurses increased to 400 nurses by the end of this year in comparison to 400 the year before.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Blida, Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, said: "Training and awareness of the new mother is one of the most important ways to increase the awareness of the importance of breastfeeding. Nestlé's interest in nurses is due to the fact that they are the primary source of maternal and child care in the beginning. The mother's milk is the best food for the child, which enhances the development of the immune system and reduces the sensitivity and inflammation. "

In addition, Nestlé organized an introductory day in cooperation with the Fatakat Blog, a blog dedicated to discussing women's issues. The event was attended by more than 300 women, to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding for mothers and children, and how to prevent them from preventing diseases such as diabetes, immune diseases and breast cancer.

The consequences of malnutrition among women and children were also discussed as one of the main causes of permanent damage to mental and physical development, thus a decline in learning capacity, poor scholastic achievement and increased morbidity and potential life-long losses, increase the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer in advanced stages of age.


"Nestlé purpose is to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future for Egyptian families, especially Egyptian children," said Yasser Abdulmalak, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Nestlé North East Africa. In the area of ​​nutrition awareness, we are committed to raising awareness about healthy lifestyles through the launch of ongoing and successful initiatives that will focus on the health of our children who are the backbone of the future. "


Dr. Hamid Al-Khayat, Professor of Pediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, said: "Breastfeeding has many benefits that God gives to the child through the mother, as the natural milk of the mother has many advantages, especially the sarcophagus that the child takes in the first two or three days of birth, which has very high antibacterial and viral antibodies, which protect the child from many diseases, especially in the first period of life.


"The company is committed to play its role of awareness towards the Egyptian society," said Rani Saab, Country Business Manager, Nestlé Infant Nutrition – North East Africa Region. "Next year, we aim to train 1000 nurses and raise awareness about breastfeeding and healthy nutrition, in cooperation with the various nursing schools, as well as 6000 mothers contacted through the new website."

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