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Research & Development

Nestlé Research provides solutions for good-tasting food beverages, as well as services, that bring nutrition, health and wellness to consumers.
Nestlé Research is a dynamic global network of 28
Nestlé centres of excellence in research and product development. Its scope and reach are global. We have the world's largest food and nutrition research organization,
 with about 5000 people working in R&D, as well as corporate venture funds and research partnerships with business partners and universities.
Nestlé scientists in each market ensure that global R&D is applied locally to meet different consumer needs and preferences.
Nestlé Research Vision
Nestlé Research Vision
Without our R&D Nestlé could not have become the food industry leader in nutrition, health and wellness. Read about the future of Nestlé Research by Werner Bauer, Chief Technology Officer.

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