The Nestlé Group CEO Visit to Nestlé Egypt ‘Mouled’ Carnival

Apr 26, 2016


On the occasion of celebrating 150 Years globally, Nestlé in Egypt welcomed Nestlé Group CEO Mr. Paul Bulcke and Executive Vice President of Nestlé SA, Head of the Europe, Middle East and North Africa Zone, Mr. Luis Cantarell to Egypt. The visit came as a strong reaffirmation of Nestlé’s commitment to the Egyptian market where Nestlé enjoys a long-standing presence in the country since 1870 delighting Egyptian consumers with tasty & health food & beverages.

On April 19th, Mr. Bulcke and Mr. Cantarell visited ‘Mouled’, a carnival that Nestlé Egypt hosts twice a month throughout the year, delighting thousands of emerging consumers across 15 governorates in Egypt. Touring the key cities of a governorate a week prior to the event, Nestle trucks sample nutritious & affordable products within the Nestle portfolio and engages consumers in entertaining activities, offering gifts for small purchases made and free tickets to enter the carnival on the weekend.

The Mouled carnival is a unique opportunity for emerging consumers and their families to enjoy free personalized nutritional consultations, educational sessions on child and adult nutrition, cooking demonstrations hosted by celebrity chefs, as well as the chance to taste their favorite Nestle food & beverage products – all for free and in a highly entertaining and fun-packed environment. Since its start in 2013, Nestle Mouled has hosted over 4 Million Egyptian consumers and their families, winning their hearts and enhancing their quality of life.