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Health and Nutrition


As one of the leading companies in the market, Nestlé plays an increasing role in the field of Health and Nutrition:

-Fund Raising campaign for Hospitals.

-Wellness Sessions.

-Vaccination Campaign against Polio.


Fund Raising Campaign:

-The Company participated by matching the amount of staff donations in favor of the hospital.

-For the second time, a fund raising campaign has been launched among staff in favor of the Cancer hospital for children.

Wellness Sessions:

A series of wellness sessions have been conducted by the wellness team, at all different sites to increase the level of health awareness among the staff and their families.

Vaccination Campaign against Polio:

- Nestlé had a major contribution in the national vaccination campaign against Polio, under the auspices of the First Lady.

- A complete advertising campaign achieved to encourage people to vaccinate their children, brochures were printed and distributed along with Nestlé products were at the vaccination centers.