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Archived Events

Management Visit to Egypt

May 4th,2011

NEAR TEAM , had another very PROUD MOMENT when we had for the first time ever the visit of 2 members from our Executive Board in Switzerland to Egypt and at the same time! Mr. Frits van Dijk who is the Zone Director for Asia, Oceania, Middle East and Africa came along with Mrs. Petraea Heynike who heads all the Business Units, Marketing ,Sales and NESPRESSO and Mr. Roger Stettler who is the Senior Vice President for Africa.

The distinguished guests spent 4 days in Egypt and went to see the Retail outlets in the Delta,6th of October Factories(Dry Goods and Ice Cream) attended the unique NEAR High Speed Train presentations from different Teams ,participated in a Business dinner to meet distinguished Egyptian business people and finally addressed a Press and TV Conference held for the first time by Nestle Egypt in Cairo.

They had a very busy time , but were very happy with the visit and expressed their full confidence, support, admiration and high expectations from Nestlé NEAR Team to succeed even more in the future. Mr. Van Dijk mentioned that Nestlé Egypt and NEAR can be very proud of its performance in 2010 and that the enthusiasm, commitment and energy of the TEAM in the Factory, Retail market, Businesses and other functions is very inspiring and gives him great confidence in our future as a Team.

We can be very proud as a TEAM that Nestlé has also announced strong commitment and investment in Egypt of almost 1000 million Egyptian Pounds in the next 3 to 4 years that is equal to what the company invested in the last 10 years! This investment will generate about 500 new jobs and contribute even more to the society of Egypt!.

It is a very proud moment for all of us and we are looking forward to more successful visits to come.

Fathalla Events

April 3rd, 2011

As a tradition of enhancing customer relationship and to leverage on Nestle’s brand name in the market, this year the CCSD and sales team decided to take on a new customer to add to cooperate events; Fathalla. The newly opened Agamy outlet "Agamy Star", which is considered a a high traffic summer destination, has been our choice this summer to have Nestle Corporate Summer Event. From preparation to execution, the process has been smooth and the results have been very successful which have been reflected in the shopper participation level and the sales achievement. Innovation was the name of the game in this event as we added an extra twist to enhance the shopper experience, the Wheel of Fortune!

The Wheel of Fortune added an unprecedented Buzz and created an infectious fun vibe among shoppers. The mechanism was to buy 50LE worth of Nestle products and shoppers would get to spin the wheel to win prizes. Prizes varied from Nestle bags worth approximately 11LE of Nestle products to electric appliances and household products. The brands participating in the event included Nescafe, Nido, Maggi, Cerelac, Nesquik, Nestle Breakfast Cereals, KitKat and Nestle Ice-Cream.



Career Advising Session at the GUC Fair

Out of our responsibility towards our partners and our care in developing the young talents, we went to GUC campus in Qattamiya and provided the students with career advising session covering “How to write a professional CV” and “How to pass an interview”.The session was held by Rania Shaker and Nancy Soliman, and was attended by almost 150 students. Students showed very high interest in the session to the extent that they were sitting on the floor as the classroom was totally occupied – we hardly found a place to stand-

An employment fair took place after the session and the interesting thing was that candidates came to our booth thanking us for the session and telling us how useful was it for them and also sharing their CVs with us and asking for our assessment and modifications.I can say that we not only taught them the CV writing and interview tips but we also gave them a boost for their career focus and ambition. Special thanks to the recruitment team.

GUC Employment Fair

“This is not GUC Fair…This is Nestlé Fair” this was a comment said by one of the fair’s organizers about our presence in the spring GUC employment fair which took place on 21,22 May in the university campus in Qattamiya. The fair was one of the most successful ones and was very well organized, as usual we were platinum sponsors and with our Fantastic New Booth – see photos- and the lots of huge multinational and local companies participated in the fair as Vodafone, BAT, P&G and Unilever.

As usual and probably more than all the past fairs , the highest crowd was at our booth and all the candidates visiting the fair applied their CVs to our company representatives in both the permanent and summer internship jobs. 

A huge amount of premium and delicious Ice Cream was distributed and also the yummy KitKat senses, the Nescafe machine and a refreshing Nesquik sampling was done. Our friend Quiky (Nesquik Character) also had a very strong presence as we distributed Nesquik branded giveaways such as plastic mugs, puzzles and stickers.


Donations to Charitable Associations

As a good corporate citizen, our company has increased its support in many different areas related to social and community fields in the regions where we operate in line with the Nestlé corporate orientation as “Respected, Trustworthy Food, Nutrition, Health and Wellness Company”. 
In addition to Dolcé School, a team from the Human Resources has visited a number of associations, studied their cases and collected data from which 6 associations were chosen to be supported by the Company with its products on a monthly basis.




Nestlé and El Mehwar Channel join forces in order to 'Be At Your Best'

Cairo, Sunday July 27th 2008

With the aim of elevating the level of Egyptians health in mind; Nestlé along with the 90 minutes program of El Mehwar Channel, has agreed to inject "Be At Your Best" segment as part of the famous program. 

The program will host a group of top notch specialized Doctors and nutrition experts who will deliver their experience to 90 minutes viewers and also answer their questions. 

90 minutes program is known for its ability to focus on what really interests the viewers in all aspects of life. Aspects like those concerning nutrition, health, mother and child care. Through which Nestlé aims to increase the viewers' awareness about the importance of maintaining balanced levels of nutrition in order to enhance health in general. 

"We're proud of the cooperation between our company & El Mehwar Channel; the most viewed not only in Egypt, but also in the entire Arab world", said Mr. Andre Porchet; Chairman of Nestlé Egypt SAE "On the other hand, the 90 minutes program is one of the most important programs in the region that handles issues concerning the everyday problems facing the Egyptian society". 

"Through its "Be At Your Best" segment", he added "Nestlé strives to spread the needed awareness among the Egyptian community. The company philosophy is that when a person is healthy, he'll consequently enjoy a healthy life. That's why the program is hosting all that selection of experts sharing their invaluable experiences and answering viewers' questions through covering interesting health issues". 

As a consequence, the first episode of the program was first released last Monday. For the sake of its success, the segment will be aired every Tuesday on a regular basis.If you wish to participate, dial 16180 ore-mail [email protected] 

The "Be At Your Best" segment, is considered one of the most successful concepts that Nestlé has launched since last year. It aims at creating Egyptian awareness towards the importance of maintaining a balanced healthy diet and make health reach its best at all levels at all times. 

For more information:
Nestlé Egypt SAE: [email protected]