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Nestlé Waters:Pure Life, Pure Fun

With Nestlé Pure Life’s new launch in 2015 of the new bottle design, a brand experience event was carried out for kids during May through August. Kids participated in “edutainment” activities related to water, with 4 fun sections; recycling, arts and crafts, spin to win and “picture on your bottle” corner. In the “spin to win” corner, kids had to spin the Nestlé Pure Life bottle and the winners received summer themed gifts. “Picture on your bottle” was a very exciting corner where we took a picture of the kids and printed it on the label and gave them the bottle as a special souvenir from Nestlé Pure Life.

Kids who participated in the “spin to win” entered a draw for one mega prize that was offered every day. The highest traffic was on weekends when we had the bubble show in our booth. Kids visited our booth every weekend specifically to watch the bubble show and even parents acknowledged that their children drove them to our booth to watch this show.