Nestlé announces the investment of EGP 1 billion to support its growth strategy for 2011-2014 and launch its new CSV program "Healthy Kids"

Latest Press ReleasesJan 18, 2011

Nestlé, the world's largest food and beverage company, announced in a press conference today its new investments to expand Egypt-based operations to meet rising demand and new opportunities in Egypt –the hub of the North East Africa Region – as well as Creating Shared Values (CSV) activities, a society development program, relying on its 145 years experience world wide and 70 years in the region.
Frits Van Dijk, Executive vice President Zone AOA - Asia, Oceania, Africa and Middle East- announced that, "Nestlé will invest EGP 450 million in 2011 to expand its production and distribution operations. This will allow the company to add 500 more jobs to its existing 3,000 workforce. Also, Nestlé will invest another EGP 500 million over the coming three years. The announced new investment comes on top of an EGP 1 billion investment in the last tem years only (since 2001).  Finally, I am proud that our 6th of October factory were awarded the Silver Award for Safety at the Nestlé Global Safety Awards, highlighting ongoing efforts to create a safe operating environment."
While, Petraea Heynike, Executive vice President Strategic Business Units, Sales & Marketing indicated that Egypt plays a critical role for Nestlé in the Middle East & North Africa because of its large projected economic growth. Egypt has a population of 85 million people, 50% of which are under 20 years old and emerging middle-class and lower-middle class of 50% of the population with growing purchasing power. Therefore, Nestlé strategy will mainly rely on Popularly Positioned Products to capitalize on this growth.
Realizing Nestlé's role in creating better awareness among families, Nestlé has launched 2 years ago its nutritional awareness program “Be At Your Best”. The program targets mothers/house wives as the core target with the aim of increasing their knowledge of the best food and beverage products for their kids and families. The program includes health and wellness seminars as well as a call center to answer all nutritional enquiries for a better future to Egyptian families.
Furthermore, Ms. Petraea Heynike announced the launch of the global Nutrition Education program "Healthy Kids" as the second CSV program in Egypt. The program is endorsed by Ministries of Education and Health for five years – as a start. This program will conduct nutrition, health and wellness education and activities to eight to 12 year old students. The first phase already started late December 2010 with 50 schools in greater Cairo (Cairo, Giza, Helwan and 6th October City governorates) reaching 40,000 students in 1,000 classes. Phase two will start in October 2011 aiming at reaching 80,000 students in 100 schools. By the end of the first five years, Healthy Kids program would have reached 500,000 students.
Moreover, Nestlé Waters played a significant role in developing "Kafr El Arbein", the rural village where the Nestle Water factory is, by building the village’s infrastructure and beautification of the village.

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