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Protect your child from anemia

There are some Signs that could spotted on your child which help you discover if he or she has anemia, so you have to pay attention to some of these signs that help you to discover the disease, which include the following:

  • Pallor : You may notice pale or yellowish color of your child's face ,lips and nails as a result of the reduced of hemoglobin concentration in the blood which carries oxygen to the body , which leads to lack of oxygen and its non- arrival to the body cells.
  • Inability to concentrate: Many of studies that were carried out on children showed that those who received moderate amounts of iron in their daily food got low grades in behavior tests and IQ tests than children who eat sufficient amounts of iron.
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Recurrent Headaches
  • Feeling tired and exhausted
  • General feeling of weakness, tiredness and excessive sleeping
So if you discover any of these signs on your child, go immediately to the doctor, who will ask for blood tests to the child to know whether he is suffering from anemia or not.

Children at higher risk to Anemia

  1. Children born underweight, or before the date of their birth.
  2. Vegetarian Children: Although the animal sources are good sources of iron and the easiest for body to be absorbed; however, vegetarian meals that contain the necessary amounts of iron can provide the body with the sufficient amounts of iron in the food during childhood stage. Many people believe that vegetables are more rich in iron (such as spinach); but the fact is that the grains and legumes are one of the rich sources of iron. Accordingly to increase and improve the absorption of iron ; it is preferable to have vitamin C by adding lemon to the meal or consuming food that is fortified with iron and vitamins together like NIDO® fortified and NESQUIK®.
  3. Total reliance on breastfeeding after the first six months without adding any solid foods to the child gradually.
  4. Some wrong social habits such as giving children biscuits with tea or soft drinks, which contain tannin substance that prevents the absorption of iron.
  5. Light meals or snacks also are an opportunity to increase the nutritional value of what our children's eat such as a glass of NESQUIK ®with milk.
  6. Breakfast should be high in nutritional value preferably containing milk as much as possible. Nestle breakfast cereal like Nesquik®, and chocapick® is considered one of the most healthy and delicious breakfast that gives approximately 30% of the iron the body needs as well as calcium and other important vitamins.

Protection from Anemia:

  1. Avoid giving your child liquid milk in infancy stage as an alternative to breast milk.
  2. Be keen to provide your child with food that is rich in iron such as red meat, fish, liver, also vegetables, such as , spinach, peas, and fruits such as guava, bananas and apples.
  3. Do not let your child drink tea after any meal.
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